PowerPoint Backgrounds

We have tons and tons of free PowerPoint backgrounds for you to download on this site. All you have to do is download them and open them up in PowerPoint. You can then amend them to your heart’s content and wow your audience. The backgrounds have already been inserted into presentations, so you don’t have to mess around and waste time doing this yourself. A godsend if you aren’t yet a PowerPoint guru.

Our backgrounds come in a variety of flavours: some are photographic quality renders from 3D modelling programs, some have been created in graphics programs like Photoshop, and others are just plain ole’ photos. But let’s just get this straight: these are stunning images, designed by seasoned professionals; not the tired old 90’s images that get recycled on most PowerPoint background sites. We pride ourselves on our level of detail, and also the high quality that every one of our images displays.

Have a look around, and download what you need. As this site is a blog, you’ll find that the more recent posts contain the most recent PowerPoint backgrounds.

We’re also working on growing our collection of PowerPoint templates. Again, you can download them and use them for your own purposes. See the note below regarding use.

Microsoft PowerPoint is the de-facto presentation program. If you have a presentation to deliver, either at work or to your friends (think of Christmas quizzes!), then you will probably be using PowerPoint to deliver it.

Use Of Our PowerPoint Backgrounds

The backgrounds and templates on this site are copyrighted, but by all means download them and only use them in the presentations you deliver. Don’t republish them on another website. Also, don’t sell them.