Beakers Background

Beakers 01 Background beakers-02 beakers-03 beakers-04 beakers-05

I modelled these beakers in Lightwave 11.6. I was going to just use hard surfaces and turn smoothing on for the curved surfaces, and that would have worked had I not used too few sides on the original disc I used for the beaker. But faceting was really obvious so I just subpatched the models and hey presto – smooth curves. Beakers are easy to model: start with a disc and then bevel up. Micro bevel to avoid any right angles.

I’m quite proud of the scratches on these beakers. I had a very large image of scratches that I added to the bump channel and turned the opacity down to maybe 50%.

The first image is with a white background because I always create the first one in a “radiosity dome”, if you like: a luminous white dome with 100% diffuse and a white 100% diffuse floor, just to test out the models and textures. Once happy, I added some textures to the floor and adjusted the luminosity of the dome (which provides the light).

Once that was sorted I started messing with depth of field to make the more distant beakers blurry.

Toy Car PowerPoint Background










Now that’s a shiny toy car! It was modelled in Lightwave 11.6.3 using box modelling. I started with an ellipse and extruded it, subpatched it for the curves and multishifted for the cockpit.

The blue car body has a gradient reflection on it, with an image map for the numbers. I struggled with the number on the side because, as it’s a planar projection, it stretched a little along the top of the car body when it was too big. Sizing it down to its current dimensions avoided the stretch. I guess could have uv mapped it but I went for the lazy option.

The tyres have three grooves in them that are modelled (not textured) and the bump is just a procedural.

There is some depth of field on the camera and radiosity in the render.

Animated PowerPoint Background

Animated PowerPoint Background

Woah – check out this mind boggling animated PowerPoint background. It will do your head in!

We sort of did something similar, but with different colours and stuff here:
Animated Background For PowerPoint

You might think animated backgrounds like these would be distracting for your audience. Well, that would be true if you were delivering a presentation to a group of jargon spewing corporate zombies. But PowerPoint can be used for different purposes. I’ll just leave that hanging.

These animated backgrounds were created by our talented minions (nearly said morons) using Lightwave 3D. They asked me whether it would be possible to create a Lightwave tutorial for you showing how they made their fab backgrounds, because they are generous and kind like that. I told them not to be stupid, because you just want the backgrounds to download, and that you don’t want to be bothered with how they are made. God’s sakes.

Anyway, I might change my mind. It depends on how many people reach this page searching for Lightwave tutorials (I shall be keeping a close eye on my traffic logs). And they are such talented morons minions.

You’ll notice that the first background opens up in PowerPoint whereas the second opens up in whatever video player is set up as your default. Weird, huh?

Gradient PowerPoint Designs

Red PowerPoint Design

Purple PowerPoint Design

Pink PowerPoint Design

Orange PowerPoint Design

Green PowerPoint Design

Blue PowerPoint Design

Oh ho boy – if you like the colours of red, purple, pink, orange, green and blue, then we’ve got something good for you! These here gradient PowerPoint designs fall into those colour categories. And if you like the way that those colours transition gradually from one to the other (that’s a “gradient”), then these ppt designs will fall into the category of “red, purple, pink, orange, green and blue gradient PowerPoint backgrounds – that you like”.

What a compelling category that is.

On to business: to download any (or all) of these PowerPoint designs, just click on it’s representational image above. It will duly open up in PowerPoint, where you can amend it to your heart’s desire. Save it to your computer with a deft ctrl+s, and the work is yours eternally. Or until the next disk crash. But that’s beyond the scope of this project…

Five Forces PowerPoint Template

Five Forces Template

If you’re here you probably know all about Porter Five Forces Analysis.

That’s good then, because we haven’t got a clue. We just like making pretty pictures. Especially ones with shiny and reflective surfaces. Just take a look at the Porter Five Forces Analysis background above – it’s full of shiny reflectivity.

Management come down here saying make PowerPoint backgrounds about this, that and the other. We don’t understand the subject matter, we just make the backgrounds!

Anyway, click on the image above to open the background up in PowerPoint, click ctrl + s to save it to a special place. You can then amend it for use in your next shiny reflective marketing workshop.

PowerPoint Backgrounds – Free

Blue Squares PowerPoint Background 01

Blue Squares PowerPoint Background 02

Blue Squares PowerPoint Background 03

Blue Squares PowerPoint Background 04

Blue Squares PowerPoint Background 05

Blue Squares PowerPoint Background 06

Blue Squares PowerPoint Background 07

Blue Squares PowerPoint Background 08

Blue Squares PowerPoint Background 09

Blue Squares PowerPoint Background 10

Blue Squares PowerPoint Background 11

Blue Squares PowerPoint Background 12

Do you remember the 1980s film “Tron”? These 3D PowerPoint backgrounds put me in mind of that ground breaking movie. If you actually watch clips from the film now, you’ll see that the imaging in the film is very much different from that here. We won’t bore you with the techicalities of why that is so, because we can’t. We’re not that technical ourselves.

But we can make really good PowerPoint backgrounds, and that’s all that matters on a website called!

Click on a thumbnail above to open it up in PowerPoint, and then click File > Save As, to save it to your computer. When it’s there, you can amend it for use in your future Tron related presentations. Has there ever been a Tron related presentation? We don’t even know! But don’t let that stop you from downloading all our PowerPoint backgrounds – for your own  personal use only. You are not allowed to republish them anywhere – sorry.

Poker Chips PowerPoint Backgrounds

Poker Chips PowerPoint Background 1

Poker Chips PowerPoint Background 2

Poker Chips PowerPoint Background 3

Poker Chips PowerPoint Background 4

Poker Chips PowerPoint Background 5

Poker Chips PowerPoint Background 6

Poker Chips PowerPoint Background 7

Poker Chips PowerPoint Background 8

Poker Chips PowerPoint Background 9

Poker Chips PowerPoint Background 10

Poker Chips PowerPoint Background 11

Poker Chips PowerPoint Background 12

Whoa! Don’t spend it all at once!

These Poker Chips PowerPoint backgrounds could be used for a variety of presentations. If you like irony, you could use them in a presentation about finance. And no boring words to get in the way, just pictures!

If you don’t fall in love with these beautiful images of poker chips, I’ll eat my hat. Or at least get one of my gullible designers to do it for me on my behalf.

If you click on one of the images above, it will open up in PowerPoint. Press ctrl + s to save it to your computer as a template. Alternatively, you can right click on an image and select “save as” to save it there instead. Download them all!

All we ask is that you don’t republish them on another website or sell them. You can use them in your own presentations that you deliver personally, though.

Metal Washers PowerPoint Backgrounds

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 1

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 2

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 3

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 4

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 5

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 6

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 7

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 8

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 9

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 10

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 11

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 12

Somebody somewhere has a meccano model that’s about to fall to pieces, judging by the evidence above. Oooh, ain’t they shiny? And what a beautiful contrast there is in each image. These metal washer backgrounds are sure to seduce.

Click on an image to open up that background in PowerPoint and then save it to your computer by pressing ctrl + s. From there you can amend the background to use in your next PowerPoint presentation. The only thing we ask is that you don’t sell them and you don’t republish them on another website.

You can download them all if you like.

PowerPoint Backgrounds With 3D Rings

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 1

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 2

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 3

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 4

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 5

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 6

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 7

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 8

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 9

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 10

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 11

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 12

If you like the colour blue and you like rings, it must be your birthday and Christmas all rolled into one day today. And if you like PowerPoint backgrounds then throw in Easter Sunday too. Put them all together and what have you got? Blue 3D rings PowerPoint backgrounds.

Our designers have already created some PowerPoint backgrounds with 3D rings on them, but you know what they are like. A perseverative dog with a bone.

There are 12 gorgeous 3D ring backgrounds to download for free here, so take your pick (or take all of them). You are free to use them in your own presentations but you can’t sell them or republish them on another website.

Click on an image you like and it will open that background, already formatted for you, in PowerPoint. Use ctrl + s to save it to your computer, and Bob’s your auntie’s live in lover. You can then amend the template (for that is what it is) to your heart’s content.

If you like these backgrounds, why not show us some love on Facebook by liking us? If you do, maybe I’ll start paying our designers.

Famous People Jigsaw Puzzle Backgrounds


Yes! It’s another selection of jigsaw related PowerPoint backgrounds. You might not have noticed that our designers are a tad perseverative. They hide it well. But they are. They are. They are. etc.

Anyway, we have a real rogue’s gallery of famous people jigsaw puzzles here. You could use them as a “guess who this is” quiz. One idea is to copy and paste all the jigsaw images into one master PowerPoint presentation and use that to test your audience. But we didn’t know for sure whether you’d want that, s we’ve left them as individual templates. Be our guest and do with them what you will (short of selling them and republishing on another site, of course).

Click on a famous person to open up that template in PowerPoint and then press ctrl + s to save it to your computer. Rinse and repeat on all the other backgrounds you like.