Colourful PPT Templates

Purple Circles PPT Template

Pink Circles PPT Template

Blue Circles PPT Template

Black Circles PPT Template

Green Circles PPT Template

Red Circles PPT Template

If you like opaque circles on beautiful and colourful gradient backgrounds – boy are you in the right place! We have six of them. How do I love these ppt templates? Let me count the ways. Six:

  1. purple
  2. pink
  3. blue
  4. black (is black a colour?  Might be a topic for a future class!)
  5. green
  6. red

If you like the look of one, and would like to use it in one of your future presentations, feel free to download it. Just click on the image and it will open in PowerPoint. You can then ctrl+s to save it to your computer, where you can then amend it. JobsAGoodUn.

Or right click on an image and select Save As, and then choose a location on your hard drive to save the background to.

Free Background For PowerPoint

Free Background For PowerPoint

Ok peeps, here is a fantastic new PowerPoint design for you to download and use (judisciously). That means don’t republish on any other website etc etc. You know the drill.

Just right click on said design and select save as, then navigate to a location on your hard drive where you want the background to go. Bob’s your auntie’s live in lover.

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Templates

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 1

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 2

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 1

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 4

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 5

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 6

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 7

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 8

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 9

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 10

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 11

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 12

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 13

When I look at these PowerPoint backgrounds, I can’t get Paul Weller’s song out of my head. But hey, it’s better than the song that was there before. But I digress.

Click on an image above to open up its PowerPoint background equivalent in your favourite Microsoft presentation program. Save it to your computer’s hard drive with a deft ctrl + s and you can then amend it to meet your own requirements. Then deliver a swish presentation to a dazzled audience.

Your presentation doesn’t have to be about shiny pebbles, but it can be if you want. Obviously we can’t police the content of your presentations, however much we’d like to, sinners! How could we judge it anyway? We know how subjective metaphor can be. I digress.

What do these pebbles signify anyway? The fine balance in our lives? The precarious nature of your personal finances? Your child’s artistic beach inspired offering? If metaphor is your bag, you could probably use these backgrounds for just about anything. Feel free to email us with your outlandish uses for our stylish PowerPoint templates.

Don’t. We were just trying to politely include you. But it was a blatantly superficial ploy to get you to finish reading this sentence. If you don’t agree that it was blatant, then I know a Nigerian banker who I’d love you to meet. Ha, I said “love you”. With that said, I’ll leave the room awkwardly.

Encouraging Reading PowerPoint Template

Encouraging Kids To Read

Download the encouraging reading PowerPoint template.

Reading is a good skill to develop as early as possible in a child’s life. You really can start as early as you want: reading a bedtime (or any kind of) story to babies, reading the ingredients of food when you’re shopping with your toddler, reading together the recipe for a cake you’re baking with your young one – these are all great ways to promote the idea of reading. Reading is a necessary part of your every day life and you are providing an easy to swallow example of it.

And reading is such a powerful tool. With reading, you can educate yourself, learn new skills, understand opinions other than your own etc.

If you can make the act of reading an ordinary – and, in fact, a necessary – part of your day to day life, your children will see this and adopt these values for themselves (or so goes the theory!). But this PowerPoint presentation is all about the encouragement of reading, and to this end it succeeds. Download it for free!

Cubes PowerPoint Templates

Cubes PowerPoint Template 1

Cubes PowerPoint Template 2

Cubes PowerPoint Template 3

Cubes PowerPoint Template 4

Cubes PowerPoint Template 5

Cubes PowerPoint Template 6

Cubes PowerPoint Template 7

Cubes PowerPoint Template 8

Cubes PowerPoint Template 9

Cubes PowerPoint Template 10

Cubes PowerPoint Template 11

Cubes PowerPoint Template 12

Cubes PowerPoint Template 13

Honestly, if you want a job doing well, you may as well do it yourself. I asked my designers to make 12 Cubes PowerPoint Templates, and they went and made 13. Obviously they didn’t realise what a superstitious lot you are and that the thirteenth template probably wouldn’t get downloaded at all. But hey, it’s your loss. And my designers’ too, as I docked them 13 month’s pay for their flagrant disregard of my instructions.

But aren’t these cubes yummy? We like to think of them as alien dice.

If you click on an image above, it will open a PowerPoint presentation with a bigger version of that image as a background. You can then save the PowerPoint to your computer and use it in your future presentations.

Opposites PowerPoint Quiz

Here is a PowerPoint Opposites Quiz that your kids will love. It’s ideal for 5 to 7 year olds. On each slide a word is shown, and your kids have to guess (ok, know) its opposite. They’re all fairly easy opposites, like up and down, but they’re good fun, nonetheless. You can also use this PowerPoint as a template for your own opposites quiz, if you want to add your own opposites.

Click on the image above, or the previous link, to open up the template in PowerPoint. From there you can ctrl+s to save it to your computer. Pressing F5 will run the quiz from the beginning. Left click on the mouse to move to the next slide and left click again to make the “opposite” word appear. There are twenty pairs of opposites. Most of the opposites are fairly cut and dried, but there may be some that offer a couple of alternatives. You could use these for further exploration with your children.

Name The Animal PowerPoint Quiz

Name The Animal PowerPoint Quiz

This Name The Animal PowerPoint Quiz is a little out of character for us. Most days we strive to bring you stylish (and usually shiny!) PowerPoint backgrounds that you can just plug into your existing presentation ideas. Our designs are very useful from an aesthetic point of view, so if you want to impress, you came to the right place. This template, however, is different. We have education on our minds. We believe it is important for children to be able to differentiate the different sounds made by the animals of the earth.

To this end, our intrepid designers-come-interviewers got on their bikes and went out into the fields to collect sounds. No poor animal was left un-bothered. OK, that’s a sligt exaggeration as we have only 15 different animals covered. We call that artistic license. The end result is this educational PowerPoint template. The format is this: each slide contains the media file of an animal making a noise. Click on the play button for the media file to play the animal’s noise. Click again to trigger the name of the animal to come flying in. Click again to move on to the next slide. We have ducks quacking, dogs barking, and much more. Here is the definitive list of animals used on the slides:

  • bees
  • pig
  • cow
  • tiger
  • geese
  • cat
  • sheep
  • elephant
  • birds
  • dog
  • chimpanzee
  • donkey
  • cuckoo
  • duck
  • horse

It doesn’t really matter whether answers are given in the plural or the singular. If a child says it’s just one bee making all that buzzing noise, it doesn’t really matter that we wrote down “bees” here.

Click on the image above (or the link) to open up the template in PowerPoint. Save it to your hard drive and you are good to go.

Name The Instrument PowerPoint Quiz

Music Quiz In PowerPoint

We don’t usually do “educational PowerPoints“, but someone in back thought it would be fun to create a name the instrument PowerPoint quiz. And that’s what this is. It took us ages to make, so you’d better like it! Click on the image above to open the template up in PowerPoint.

This PowerPoint quiz is ideal for teachers and parents alike who want their kids to put a face, or name, to the sounds of musical instruments they hear. As well as being educational – it’s fun to do! And I bet you, as teacher/parent, don’t get them all right either. Leave your comments below, because your feedback is important for us.

In summary, each slide has a music file on it that you, as presenter, play. The kids in the audience need to identify the instrument. At your command (OK, click), the name of the instrument appears on the slide, Hurray – you got it right Jimmy! Or – for God’s sake Henry, how (slap) many (slap) times (slap) must (slap) I (slap) tell you that a turtle isn’t a musical instrument (slap).

In more detail: to play the music, you need to hover over the image of the speaker until you see the play button – click that. When you want to display the answer, click anywhere on the slide. We put “Answer x” there to simplify things, so you can just click on that to save confusion. To move to the next slide, and the next musical instrument, click anywhere on the slide.

It’s a bit fiddly, because you have to:

  1. get the Play button to appear. You need to hover over the music file (the speaker icon).
  2. display the answer. You can actually click anywhere on the slide to do this.
  3. move to the next slide. Again, click anywhere on the slide. So, you see that clicking on the slide does two things: display the answer and move to the next slide.

Is this, like, duh complicated, or is it just me…?

The instruments named, in order, are:

  1. cello
  2. drums
  3. flute
  4. guitar
  5. harpsichord
  6. piano
  7. harp
  8. saxophone
  9. bass guitar
  10. trumpet

Have fun!

PowerPoint Templates Free Download

PowerPoint Background 1

PowerPoint Background 2

PowerPoint Background 3

PowerPoint Background 4

PowerPoint Background 5

PowerPoint Background 6

PowerPoint Background 7

PowerPoint Background 8

PowerPoint Background 9

PowerPoint Background 10

PowerPoint Background 11

PowerPoint Background 12

We’ve got a stylish batch of smooth PowerPoint templates free to download, in this post. These backgrounds have got gradients galore, light and dark colours, subtle pastel shades; what more could you possibly want from PowerPoint? Oh yes, I remember, a coherent narrative for your presentation that conveys your ideas in a clear and concise manner.

Sorry, we can’t help you with that, but we can help you dress up your sorry attempts!

Surely you must know the score by now: click on an image you like (each image corresponds to a background) to open it up in PowerPoint. From there, your best bet is to press ctrl+s immediately to save the template to your computer. You can change these PowerPoints, if you wish, and use them in as many of your own presentations as you desire. Can’t say fairer than that.

If you liked these, I bet you’ll probably enjoy these other PowerPoint backgrounds, too.

Free Christmas PowerPoint Template

Free Christmas Background

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me this Free Christmas PowerPoint template. Yes, that’s how much I mean to her. So, anyway, in the best tradition of recycling presents, I thought I’d offload it on you. “Offload” has such a negative connotation. I come bearing this very beautiful gift sounds much better. And that’s precisely what this is, and what I’m doing.

This is yet another free PowerPoint template with a Christmas theme. There aren’t too many days left before Christmas, but we might be able to get another one out before Santa arrives.

Click on it to open it up in PowerPoint, whereupon you can ctrl+s to save it to your hard drive. From there you can amend it to fit the needs of your upcoming christmas themed presentations. To your elf like helpers no doubt.

If you liked this template, you may also like this Christmassy background, and this Christmas template, too.