Halloween PowerPoint Templates – Free Download

Halloween PowerPoint Background - Free Download

Boy have we got a humdinger of a collection of Halloween PowerPoint templates to give away for free. That’s right, scare your audience witless with these spooky backgrounds. It doesn’t just stop there, either, as we intend to publish a few more Halloween backgrounds in the run up to Halloween, so stay tuned for those.

So, one background to download – for free – today, and more to come!

Because we used a scary looking font (Cartographer) in the template, and you probably won’t have it on your computer, we embedded the font in PowerPoint. This means that you won’t have to install the font on your computer yourself. We did all the hard work for you.  The down side is that the file size for this PowerPoint template is huge – a whopping 2.2 MB! That in itself probably won’t be a problem, but should you want to cut down file sizes, use the link given previously to download and install the Cartographer font and then go ahead and save the template without the fonts embedded. That should reduce the file size by about, oh, 1.5 MB.

Personally, I’d keep the presentation as it is, but it’s up to you.

Halloween PowerPoint Templates – Free Download

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