Opposites PowerPoint Quiz

Here is a PowerPoint Opposites Quiz that your kids will love. It’s ideal for 5 to 7 year olds. On each slide a word is shown, and your kids have to guess (ok, know) its opposite. They’re all fairly easy opposites, like up and down, but they’re good fun, nonetheless. You can also use this PowerPoint as a template for your own opposites quiz, if you want to add your own opposites.

Click on the image above, or the previous link, to open up the template in PowerPoint. From there you can ctrl+s to save it to your computer. Pressing F5 will run the quiz from the beginning. Left click on the mouse to move to the next slide and left click again to make the “opposite” word appear. There are twenty pairs of opposites. Most of the opposites are fairly cut and dried, but there may be some that offer a couple of alternatives. You could use these for further exploration with your children.