Gradient PowerPoint Designs

Red PowerPoint Design

Purple PowerPoint Design

Pink PowerPoint Design

Orange PowerPoint Design

Green PowerPoint Design

Blue PowerPoint Design

Oh ho boy – if you like the colours of red, purple, pink, orange, green and blue, then we’ve got something good for you! These here gradient PowerPoint designs fall into those colour categories. And if you like the way that those colours transition gradually from one to the other (that’s a “gradient”), then these ppt designs will fall into the category of “red, purple, pink, orange, green and blue gradient PowerPoint backgrounds – that you like”.

What a compelling category that is.

On to business: to download any (or all) of these PowerPoint designs, just click on it’s representational image above. It will duly open up in PowerPoint, where you can amend it to your heart’s desire. Save it to your computer with a deft ctrl+s, and the work is yours eternally. Or until the next disk crash. But that’s beyond the scope of this project…

Free Background For PowerPoint

Free Background For PowerPoint

Ok peeps, here is a fantastic new PowerPoint design for you to download and use (judisciously). That means don’t republish on any other website etc etc. You know the drill.

Just right click on said design and select save as, then navigate to a location on your hard drive where you want the background to go. Bob’s your auntie’s live in lover.

Robot Eyeball PowerPoint Backgrounds

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 1

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 2

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 3

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 4

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 5

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 6

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 7

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 8

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 9

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 10

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 11

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 12

If ever there was a bunch of multi coloured robot eyeballs lying peacefully on your desk, it would look like this. Where is the rest of the robots you might ask? And is there a motley crew of myopic robots lurching around the place and menacing the innocent public? Yes, all good questions.

These PowerPoint backgrounds might be good for presentations on streamlining processes at the robot factory. Of course, you will want to make sure that there are no robots in your audience who might feel squeamish at the sight of their mutilated brethren. Just saying.

Anyway, click on an image to open up a template in PowerPoint. They’re so seductively shiny and colourful, you’ll no doubt want more than one. Help yourself! With a deft ctrl +s you can have the background saved to your computer in no time. From there you can add your own content and deliver striking robotic presentations in the very near future.

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 1

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 2

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 3

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 4

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 5

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 6

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 7

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 8

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 9

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 10

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 11

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 12

We know you like shiny. We know you like colourful. We know you like colourful shiny… errr… things. Once again our illustrious (and oft misunderstood) designers have excelled themselves in the “what the hell is that?” stakes. Whatever these PowerPoint backgrounds depict, they look nice, don’t they?

And they’ll look splendid in your own presentations, so hurry up and click on an image to open a template up in PowerPoint. The best thing to do is save it to your computer by pressing ctrl + s and then start adding your own content. Don’t forget, save the template first before you make your changes, and then you’ll be assured that no changes will be lost.

Don’t forget kids, you can’t publish these backgrounds on other websites and you can’t redistribute them. You are only allowed to use them in your own presentations.

3D Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds

3D Rings PowerPoint Background 1

3D Rings PowerPoint Background 2

3D Rings PowerPoint Background 3

3D Rings PowerPoint Background 4

3D Rings PowerPoint Background 5

3D Rings PowerPoint Background 6

3D Rings PowerPoint Background 7

3D Rings PowerPoint Background 8

3D Rings PowerPoint Background 9

3D Rings PowerPoint Background 10

3D Rings PowerPoint Background 11

3D Rings PowerPoint Background 12

These PowerPoint backgrounds with 3d rings are superb, if we say so ourselves. They are colourful, some are shiny, they have just the right perspective. And they’re FREE!

There are twelve 3d ring PowerPoint backgrounds that you can avail yourselves of published right here. You don’t need to sweat over your own graphics program, or even create something within PowerPoint itself – because we’ve done all the hard work for you.

Simply peruse this batch of glorious backgrounds, pick one – or all – background you like, click on it to open it in PowerPoint and you are away. Don’t forget to save it to your computer with a ctrl +s and then start adding your own content.

You can use these backgrounds in as many presentations as you like – just don’t redistribute them elsewhere (like burning to CDs and selling them or republishing them on other websites). Das ist verboten!

Cubes PowerPoint Templates

Cubes PowerPoint Template 1

Cubes PowerPoint Template 2

Cubes PowerPoint Template 3

Cubes PowerPoint Template 4

Cubes PowerPoint Template 5

Cubes PowerPoint Template 6

Cubes PowerPoint Template 7

Cubes PowerPoint Template 8

Cubes PowerPoint Template 9

Cubes PowerPoint Template 10

Cubes PowerPoint Template 11

Cubes PowerPoint Template 12

Cubes PowerPoint Template 13

Honestly, if you want a job doing well, you may as well do it yourself. I asked my designers to make 12 Cubes PowerPoint Templates, and they went and made 13. Obviously they didn’t realise what a superstitious lot you are and that the thirteenth template probably wouldn’t get downloaded at all. But hey, it’s your loss. And my designers’ too, as I docked them 13 month’s pay for their flagrant disregard of my instructions.

But aren’t these cubes yummy? We like to think of them as alien dice.

If you click on an image above, it will open a PowerPoint presentation with a bigger version of that image as a background. You can then save the PowerPoint to your computer and use it in your future presentations.

Fractal Backgrounds

Fractal Background 01

Fractal Background 02

Fractal Background 03

Fractal Background 04

Fractal Background 05

Fractal Background 06

Fractal Background 07

Fractal Background 08

Fractal Background 09

Fractal Background 10

It’s Fractal Friday. Everyone seems to be loving the Fractal backgrounds, so here are 10 more. Our designers wheeled out a fractal tool they hadn’t used for a while, dusted it down and then let it loose on this post. That’s why these fractals look a whole lot different to these fractals.

Personally, I prefer the darker ones, but there you go; everybody’s different. Also, depending on the kind of presentation you’ll be delivering, either of the darker or the lighter ones might be more appropriate.

As is de rigueur with our fractal offerings, these backgrounds aren’t inserted into PowerPoint templates (like we do with our other backgrounds), because, well, we couldn’t be bothered. So, click on an image to open up the full size version, right click on it and select “save as” to save it to your computer. But remember kids: you’re not allowed to republish our artwork on other websites, or sell it.

Get ready for more fabulous fractal backgrounds (all original) next Friday.

Fire PowerPoint Backgrounds

Fire And Smoke PowerPoint Background 1

Fire And Smoke PowerPoint Background 2

Fire And Smoke PowerPoint Background 3

Fire And Smoke PowerPoint Background 4

Fire And Smoke PowerPoint Background 5

Fire And Smoke PowerPoint Background 6

Fire And Smoke PowerPoint Background 7

Fire And Smoke PowerPoint Background 8

Fire And Smoke PowerPoint Background 9

Fire And Smoke PowerPoint Background 10

Fire And Smoke PowerPoint Background 11

Fire And Smoke PowerPoint Background 12

Fire And Smoke PowerPoint Background 13

Arthur Brown got it right when he said “I am the god of hell fire, and I bring you Fire“. What a crazy world. Anyway, Arthur Brown couldn’t have done as good a job on these fire PowerPoint backgrounds, as our famed designers.

What started out as “fire”, though, quickly evolved into “mist”. So, if you are the god of hell mist, you’ll love these PowerPoint backgrounds. Like beauty, fire (and mist) is in the eye of the beholder.

We actually made an animated background of fire that lasted a mere 2 seconds, but it created a movie file that was a gazillion terrabytes, so I’m afraid you are stuck with still images. Maybe when we’ve figured out how to get the file size down we’ll release our moving mist I mean fire animated background.

Click on an image to open up the background in PowerPoint, and then save it immediately to your hard drive.

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 1

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 2

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 3

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 4

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 5

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 6

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 7

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 8

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 9

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 10

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 11

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 12

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 13

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 14

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 15

It seems that you can’t get enough of our PowerPoint backgrounds for the Olympics, so here is our new collection: Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds. Unlike these backgrounds, the current set of Olympic rings are a little more chunky, a little less rounded (a bit like the designers who created them!). They’ve got it all (the backgrounds, not the designers): reflections, depth of field, bright colours – and a big clock.

On some of the images, we’ve thoughtfully placed the rings right at the top so you have more space for the content on your PowerPoint slides. We’re really looking after you. The ones with the images at the top work really well as the olympic rings act like a header on those.

Did you know that Big Ben chimed non-stop for three minutes when the London 2012 Olympics officially started? Well, that’s why we’ve got the famous clock on some of the backgrounds.

You can download these backgrounds by right clicking on each thumbnail image and selecting “save as” to save them to your PC. From there, you can amend them for your own presentations. Or you can just left click on them to open them up immediately in PowerPoint (don’t forget to save them to your computer, though).

Our images are large, so there’ll be no degradation of quality as they stretch to fit the PowerPoint background.


Lego PowerPoint Backgrounds

Lego PowerPoint Background 1

Lego PowerPoint Background 2

Lego PowerPoint Background 3

Lego PowerPoint Background 4

Lego PowerPoint Background 5

Lego PowerPoint Background 6

Lego PowerPoint Background 7

Lego PowerPoint Background 8

Lego PowerPoint Background 9

Lego PowerPoint Background 10

Lego PowerPoint Background 11

Lego PowerPoint Background 12

Get a load of all these Lego PowerPoint Backgrounds. There’s enough lego here to build a pyramid! And, with our designers being as thorough as they are, they’ve shot the lego pile from all angles. They were in their collective element.

Get them while they’re hot: download these backgrounds by clicking on them to open them in PowerPoint, and then save them to your PC. Alternatively, right click on an image and select “Save Target As”, or whichever option allows your browser to save the target of the link. You can then amend them how you see fit, ready for your future presentations.

Question: have you ever seen an orange lego brick?

Challenge: ask someone at work “if they like lego”. Watch your personal space grow.