PowerPoint Backgrounds Of 3D Rings

Red Rings PowerPoint BackgroundPink Rings PowerPoint BackgroundOrange Rings PowerPoint BackgroundLight Blue Rings PowerPoint BackgroundGreen Rings PowerPoint BackgroundBlue Rings PowerPoint BackgroundBlack Rings PowerPoint Background

With these snazzy new PowerPoint backgrounds, our designers symbolise “sequential progression in a cyclical process”. Cerebral, or what? To see this better, click on a background to open it up in PowerPoint, press F5 to actually start the presentation (or click Slide Show > From Beginning) and press enter to advance to the next slide. You can see that the ring segment that is coloured progresses around the ring. Sort of like a sequential progression. In a cyclical process.

Well, it made sense when our designers told me!

We have a variety of yummy colours for you to choose from. Click on a background to open up its template in PowerPoint and then add your content to it, ready for the awe inspiring presentation you have to deliver tomorrow. What, you didn’t get the memo??

You can save the template to your computer for future use.