Halloween PowerPoint Backgrounds – Free

Halloween PowerPoint Template

All those teachers who are faint of heart or of a weak disposition – turn away now! Or at least don’t download this free Halloween PowerPoint background. The image above doesn’t really do justice to the template you can download. On the downloadable template, there is a title slide and also a content slide, both of differing spooky designs – replete with text boxes (unlike the image above, duh!).

Click on the image to open up this scary Halloween background in PowerPoint, press ctrl+s to save it to your computer and then add your own content so you can use it in your own presentations. We’ve quite generously saved all the fonts we used with the template, so you don’t have to seek out and download them yourself. This leads to a bigger file size, but less work for you. Your audience never knows how big the file sizes are, so what the hell?

If you like this background, you’ll probably enjoy this pumpkin headed Halloween template and this bat infested Halloween background, too. You can download them all free, and use them in your own presentations.