A Special Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Background













I know what you’re thinking. That’s one easy jigsaw puzzle. But let’s get beyond the practical. What do these images say? They say that you are one in a million. You stand out from the crowd. You are not afraid of flaunting your own special uniqueness.

You are your own special creation.


Each special image above is a link that leads off to a PowerPoint template that uses that background; click on it and it will actually open up in PowerPoint. You can then save it to your computer for future use. Or you can right click on the image and choose “save as” to save it to your hard drive. Don’t be shy – download them all!

You can’t republish them on any other site, or sell them. That’s the only thing. But you can amend them and use them in your own special presentations to other special individuals.

Stay tuned for more jigsaw related backgrounds. We know you love ’em. Our designers certainly do.

Individualism PowerPoint Templates

Individual PowerPoint Background 1

Individual PowerPoint Background 2

Individual PowerPoint Background 3

Individual PowerPoint Background 4

Individual PowerPoint Background 5

Individual PowerPoint Background 6

Individual PowerPoint Background 7

Individual PowerPoint Background 8

Individual PowerPoint Background 9

Individual PowerPoint Background 10

Individual PowerPoint Background 11

Individual PowerPoint Background 12

Merely by gazing upon a small sample of these PowerPoint backgrounds will you easily conclude that the theme is individualism. There’s a hundred cylinder things there, and only one is blue. You can look at any particular scene, and identify with that downtrodden soul who is “different”, yet who has the strength to stand apart and yell “I am my own special creation“.

The blue colour makes a beautiful contrast with the plentifule white, but then the blue transmogrifies into… something else.

I shall tell you precisley what happend after background 5: a gurrl walked in and insisted that the “individiual” should be… pink. So, what can you do?

Fortunately for us, we picked a very “flexible” cylinder who could “change colours”. I think you know what I mean. This cylinder certainly was his/her own special creation. We digress.

There are 12 PowerPoint backgrounds above and if you click on one it will open up in PowerPoint. We allow you to save the template to your computer (ctrl+s) and we allow you to use the templates in your own presentations only. We don’t allow you to republish them on another website or sell them. 🙂