Beakers Background

Beakers 01 Background beakers-02 beakers-03 beakers-04 beakers-05

I modelled these beakers in Lightwave 11.6. I was going to just use hard surfaces and turn smoothing on for the curved surfaces, and that would have worked had I not used too few sides on the original disc I used for the beaker. But faceting was really obvious so I just subpatched the models and hey presto – smooth curves. Beakers are easy to model: start with a disc and then bevel up. Micro bevel to avoid any right angles.

I’m quite proud of the scratches on these beakers. I had a very large image of scratches that I added to the bump channel and turned the opacity down to maybe 50%.

The first image is with a white background because I always create the first one in a “radiosity dome”, if you like: a luminous white dome with 100% diffuse and a white 100% diffuse floor, just to test out the models and textures. Once happy, I added some textures to the floor and adjusted the luminosity of the dome (which provides the light).

Once that was sorted I started messing with depth of field to make the more distant beakers blurry.

Animated PowerPoint Background

Animated PowerPoint Background

Woah – check out this mind boggling animated PowerPoint background. It will do your head in!

We sort of did something similar, but with different colours and stuff here:
Animated Background For PowerPoint

You might think animated backgrounds like these would be distracting for your audience. Well, that would be true if you were delivering a presentation to a group of jargon spewing corporate zombies. But PowerPoint can be used for different purposes. I’ll just leave that hanging.

These animated backgrounds were created by our talented minions (nearly said morons) using Lightwave 3D. They asked me whether it would be possible to create a Lightwave tutorial for you showing how they made their fab backgrounds, because they are generous and kind like that. I told them not to be stupid, because you just want the backgrounds to download, and that you don’t want to be bothered with how they are made. God’s sakes.

Anyway, I might change my mind. It depends on how many people reach this page searching for Lightwave tutorials (I shall be keeping a close eye on my traffic logs). And they are such talented morons minions.

You’ll notice that the first background opens up in PowerPoint whereas the second opens up in whatever video player is set up as your default. Weird, huh?