Christmas PowerPoint Background

Christmas PowerPoint Background

Deck the halls with boughs of holly! Fa la la la etc.

It’s now December, and you know what that means? Apart from the relentless onslaught of adverts on the TV, and the “I want” chorus of our little ones. Christmas!

Is this Christmas PowerPoint background not the epitome of Christmas? Well, the answer’s obviously yes (hold on – is that a double negative?), if you’re coming at it from a romantic “snowflakes in the night sky” perspective. But the colour gradients in this background are beautiful, so if nothing else, you do get a good looking piece of work.

Click on the image above to open up the template in PowerPoint and then save it to your hard drive with a quick ctrl+s, and Bob’s your uncle. Providing you’re using these templates and backgrounds for your own presentations and not publishing them on other sites (or selling them), the world’s your oyster. Amend the template for your own use and present away.

There will be more Christmassy PowerPoint templates coming up, and we’re actually thinking of a 12 days of Christmas theme, too. Hold on to your wooly hats for that!