Five Forces PowerPoint Template

Five Forces Template

If you’re here you probably know all about Porter Five Forces Analysis.

That’s good then, because we haven’t got a clue. We just like making pretty pictures. Especially ones with shiny and reflective surfaces. Just take a look at the Porter Five Forces Analysis background above – it’s full of shiny reflectivity.

Management come down here saying make PowerPoint backgrounds about this, that and the other. We don’t understand the subject matter, we just make the backgrounds!

Anyway, click on the image above to open the background up in PowerPoint, click ctrl + s to save it to a special place. You can then amend it for use in your next shiny reflective marketing workshop.

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Templates

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 1

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 2

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 1

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 4

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 5

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 6

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 7

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 8

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 9

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 10

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 11

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 12

Shiny Pebbles PowerPoint Template 13

When I look at these PowerPoint backgrounds, I can’t get Paul Weller’s song out of my head. But hey, it’s better than the song that was there before. But I digress.

Click on an image above to open up its PowerPoint background equivalent in your favourite Microsoft presentation program. Save it to your computer’s hard drive with a deft ctrl + s and you can then amend it to meet your own requirements. Then deliver a swish presentation to a dazzled audience.

Your presentation doesn’t have to be about shiny pebbles, but it can be if you want. Obviously we can’t police the content of your presentations, however much we’d like to, sinners! How could we judge it anyway? We know how subjective metaphor can be. I digress.

What do these pebbles signify anyway? The fine balance in our lives? The precarious nature of your personal finances? Your child’s artistic beach inspired offering? If metaphor is your bag, you could probably use these backgrounds for just about anything. Feel free to email us with your outlandish uses for our stylish PowerPoint templates.

Don’t. We were just trying to politely include you. But it was a blatantly superficial ploy to get you to finish reading this sentence. If you don’t agree that it was blatant, then I know a Nigerian banker who I’d love you to meet. Ha, I said “love you”. With that said, I’ll leave the room awkwardly.

Metal Washers PowerPoint Backgrounds

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 1

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 2

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 3

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 4

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 5

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 6

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 7

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 8

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 9

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 10

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 11

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 12

Somebody somewhere has a meccano model that’s about to fall to pieces, judging by the evidence above. Oooh, ain’t they shiny? And what a beautiful contrast there is in each image. These metal washer backgrounds are sure to seduce.

Click on an image to open up that background in PowerPoint and then save it to your computer by pressing ctrl + s. From there you can amend the background to use in your next PowerPoint presentation. The only thing we ask is that you don’t sell them and you don’t republish them on another website.

You can download them all if you like.

Tiled Floor PowerPoint Backgrounds

Tiled Floor PowerPoint Background 1

Tiled Floor PowerPoint Background 2

Tiled Floor PowerPoint Background 3

Tiled Floor PowerPoint Background 4

Tiled Floor PowerPoint Background 5

Tiled Floor PowerPoint Background 6

Whoah – check out these ultra realistic 3d PowerPoint backgrounds! They look good enough to eat. If you are a ravenous robot or something, that is. What a splendid mix of colour, shininess and reflections. Our designers really got their creative hats on to produce this latest batch of backgrounds.

In fact, we liked them so much that we used one for our PowerPoint Backgrounds Facebook page.

Do you recognise the background in the images? Thought you might; it’s your road! And you can look forward to upcoming backgrounds that feature your kitchen, attic and bathroom.

We’ve only published 6 backgrounds, when we usually publish 12, but we think that these are precisely twice as good as the norm.

Find one you like and then open it up in PowerPoint by clicking on the image. Save it to your computer by clicking ctrl + s and from there you can make your changes and ensure that they are saved. Hey presto, you are ready to engage your audience in your next PowerPoint presentation.

Robot Eyeball PowerPoint Backgrounds

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 1

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 2

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 3

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 4

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 5

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 6

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 7

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 8

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 9

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 10

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 11

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 12

If ever there was a bunch of multi coloured robot eyeballs lying peacefully on your desk, it would look like this. Where is the rest of the robots you might ask? And is there a motley crew of myopic robots lurching around the place and menacing the innocent public? Yes, all good questions.

These PowerPoint backgrounds might be good for presentations on streamlining processes at the robot factory. Of course, you will want to make sure that there are no robots in your audience who might feel squeamish at the sight of their mutilated brethren. Just saying.

Anyway, click on an image to open up a template in PowerPoint. They’re so seductively shiny and colourful, you’ll no doubt want more than one. Help yourself! With a deft ctrl +s you can have the background saved to your computer in no time. From there you can add your own content and deliver striking robotic presentations in the very near future.

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 1

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 2

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 3

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 4

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 5

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 6

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 7

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 8

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 9

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 10

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 11

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 12

We know you like shiny. We know you like colourful. We know you like colourful shiny… errr… things. Once again our illustrious (and oft misunderstood) designers have excelled themselves in the “what the hell is that?” stakes. Whatever these PowerPoint backgrounds depict, they look nice, don’t they?

And they’ll look splendid in your own presentations, so hurry up and click on an image to open a template up in PowerPoint. The best thing to do is save it to your computer by pressing ctrl + s and then start adding your own content. Don’t forget, save the template first before you make your changes, and then you’ll be assured that no changes will be lost.

Don’t forget kids, you can’t publish these backgrounds on other websites and you can’t redistribute them. You are only allowed to use them in your own presentations.

Perforated PowerPoint Backgrounds

Perforated PowerPoint Background 1

Perforated PowerPoint Background 2

Perforated PowerPoint Background 3

Perforated PowerPoint Background 4

Perforated PowerPoint Background 5

Perforated PowerPoint Background 6

Perforated PowerPoint Background 7

Perforated PowerPoint Background 8

Perforated PowerPoint Background 9

Perforated PowerPoint Background 10

Perforated PowerPoint Background 11

Perforated PowerPoint Background 12

Hey, look what we found in the dryer! But what on earth is this? Is it some weird plastic gorgonzola? You should know by now that our talented designers have an eye for the abstract and the backgrounds they create aren’t always so easily categorised. Such is the case with this new batch of PowerPoint backgrounds.

They obviously got their 3D modelling software out and cranked it up to 11!

If you want some nameless backgrounds to adorn your PowerPoint presentations, feel free to download every last one of these. Click on an image you like, and it will open that template up in PowerPoint. If you click ctrl + s that will save it and you can choose a convenient location on your hard drive. Then you can amend them how you like and use them in your future presentations. Bob’s your Auntie’s live in lover.
Oh, and if you think you can identify what these backgrounds actually are, do you want a job here??

Black Floor Backgrounds For PowerPoint

Black Floor Background 1

Black Floor Background 2

Black Floor Background 3

Black Floor Background 4

Black Floor Background 5

Black Floor Background 6

Black Floor Background 7

Black Floor Background 8

Black Floor Background 9

Black Floor Background 10

Black Floor Background 11

Black Floor Background 12

If you’re in a dark mood, these PowerPoint backgrounds are just for you. How did we know you were in a dark mood? Well, just look at the way you are sat, and tell me you’re not! I and my team of PowerPoint designers-come-CSI-murder-analysts narrowed you down to either being in a dark mood or being a ninja. Which is it??

Too much coffee I guess…

By the way, there are 17 ninjas hidden in the backgrounds shown, and there is a prize to be bestowed on the bright eyed upstart who spots them.

It’s easy to get your hands on these backgrounds; just click on one of the images above and that background will open in Microsoft PowerPoint. Rinse and repeat on all the other backgrounds. Once the presentation is open in ppt, press ctrl + s to save it to your hard drive, and then start adding your own content.

Feel free to use these images in your own presentations, but don’t sell them or display them on your own websites.

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Backgrounds

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 1

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 2

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 3

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 4

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 5

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 6

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 7

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 8

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 9

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 10

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 11

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 12

You probably appreciate by now how strongly our designers are drawn to shiny objects. It should come as no surprise, then, to see this new batch of shiny shapes PowerPoint backgrounds. What’s better than shiny cubes? That’s right: shiny cubes and shiny balls.

Oooh, matron.

You’d have to go a long way to find backgrounds that were more shiny and reflective. I suppose these backgrounds are a little on the abstract side. Or perhaps even a little on the “broken Newton’s Cradle” side.


Left click on the backgrounds you like to open up a PowerPoint background, and quickly save it to your computer. We don’t want all your hard work, in the form of template changes, being lost in the case of a power cut or a computer crash. Anend these backgrounds how you see fit and then use them in your own presentations. You’ll have your audience cooing over the extreme shininess, make no mistake.

We had you in mind when we made the title slide the full picture and the content slides just a partial picture. The cropped picture appears at the left hand side of your content slides to allow more space for your content. How thoughtful.

Or how responsive to criticism, depending on how you want to look at it.

Cogs PowerPoint Backgrounds

Cogs PowerPoint Background 1Cogs PowerPoint Background 2Cogs PowerPoint Background 3Cogs PowerPoint Background 4Cogs PowerPoint Background 5Cogs PowerPoint Background 6Cogs PowerPoint Background 7Cogs PowerPoint Background 8Cogs PowerPoint Background 9Cogs PowerPoint Background 10Cogs PowerPoint Background 11Cogs PowerPoint Background 12[subscribe2]

These cogs are so smooth and shiny, you’ll want to squeeze them out of your PowerPoint presentations into your pocket so you can jangle them like loose change! We’ve got different colours, different angles and perspectives and different positioning. All are high quality photos. We had to get our smallest designer to use his tiniest camera to get down real close to these cogs; that’s why they appear so big. They’re not; he’s just very close to them.

Feel free to download our Cogs PowerPoint backgrounds by opening them up in your own presentation: just click on any (or probably all) of the images above. A presentation will open with your chosen cogs as backgrounds, and from there you can save it to your computer and add your own finishing touches.

We’ve even made a lighter coloured overlay on some of the backgrounds that need one, so that you can make your text more readable.