Name The Instrument PowerPoint Quiz

Music Quiz In PowerPoint

We don’t usually do “educational PowerPoints“, but someone in back thought it would be fun to create a name the instrument PowerPoint quiz. And that’s what this is. It took us ages to make, so you’d better like it! Click on the image above to open the template up in PowerPoint.

This PowerPoint quiz is ideal for teachers and parents alike who want their kids to put a face, or name, to the sounds of musical instruments they hear. As well as being educational – it’s fun to do! And I bet you, as teacher/parent, don’t get them all right either. Leave your comments below, because your feedback is important for us.

In summary, each slide has a music file on it that you, as presenter, play. The kids in the audience need to identify the instrument. At your command (OK, click), the name of the instrument appears on the slide, Hurray – you got it right Jimmy! Or – for God’s sake Henry, how (slap) many (slap) times (slap) must (slap) I (slap) tell you that a turtle isn’t a musical instrument (slap).

In more detail: to play the music, you need to hover over the image of the speaker until you see the play button – click that. When you want to display the answer, click anywhere on the slide. We put “Answer x” there to simplify things, so you can just click on that to save confusion. To move to the next slide, and the next musical instrument, click anywhere on the slide.

It’s a bit fiddly, because you have to:

  1. get the Play button to appear. You need to hover over the music file (the speaker icon).
  2. display the answer. You can actually click anywhere on the slide to do this.
  3. move to the next slide. Again, click anywhere on the slide. So, you see that clicking on the slide does two things: display the answer and move to the next slide.

Is this, like, duh complicated, or is it just me…?

The instruments named, in order, are:

  1. cello
  2. drums
  3. flute
  4. guitar
  5. harpsichord
  6. piano
  7. harp
  8. saxophone
  9. bass guitar
  10. trumpet

Have fun!