Tiled Floor PowerPoint Backgrounds

Tiled Floor PowerPoint Background 1

Tiled Floor PowerPoint Background 2

Tiled Floor PowerPoint Background 3

Tiled Floor PowerPoint Background 4

Tiled Floor PowerPoint Background 5

Tiled Floor PowerPoint Background 6

Whoah – check out these ultra realistic 3d PowerPoint backgrounds! They look good enough to eat. If you are a ravenous robot or something, that is. What a splendid mix of colour, shininess and reflections. Our designers really got their creative hats on to produce this latest batch of backgrounds.

In fact, we liked them so much that we used one for our PowerPoint Backgrounds Facebook page.

Do you recognise the background in the images? Thought you might; it’s your road! And you can look forward to upcoming backgrounds that feature your kitchen, attic and bathroom.

We’ve only published 6 backgrounds, when we usually publish 12, but we think that these are precisely twice as good as the norm.

Find one you like and then open it up in PowerPoint by clicking on the image. Save it to your computer by clicking ctrl + s and from there you can make your changes and ensure that they are saved. Hey presto, you are ready to engage your audience in your next PowerPoint presentation.

Black Floor Backgrounds For PowerPoint

Black Floor Background 1

Black Floor Background 2

Black Floor Background 3

Black Floor Background 4

Black Floor Background 5

Black Floor Background 6

Black Floor Background 7

Black Floor Background 8

Black Floor Background 9

Black Floor Background 10

Black Floor Background 11

Black Floor Background 12

If you’re in a dark mood, these PowerPoint backgrounds are just for you. How did we know you were in a dark mood? Well, just look at the way you are sat, and tell me you’re not! I and my team of PowerPoint designers-come-CSI-murder-analysts narrowed you down to either being in a dark mood or being a ninja. Which is it??

Too much coffee I guess…

By the way, there are 17 ninjas hidden in the backgrounds shown, and there is a prize to be bestowed on the bright eyed upstart who spots them.

It’s easy to get your hands on these backgrounds; just click on one of the images above and that background will open in Microsoft PowerPoint. Rinse and repeat on all the other backgrounds. Once the presentation is open in ppt, press ctrl + s to save it to your hard drive, and then start adding your own content.

Feel free to use these images in your own presentations, but don’t sell them or display them on your own websites.