Blended Lines Backgrounds For PowerPoint

Blended Lines PowerPoint Background 1

Blended Lines PowerPoint Background 2

Blended Lines PowerPoint Background 3

Blended Lines PowerPoint Background 4

Blended Lines PowerPoint Background 5

Blended Lines PowerPoint Background 6

We’ve got some absolutely beautiful PowerPoint backgrounds for you in this post. Dark backgrounds with seducing colours in the foreground. Straight lines that fashion sensuous curves – that kind of thing. It’s amazing how you can give the illusion of “curves” with just a bunch of straight lines.

Some of the dark backgrounds are actually gradients, whereas others are solid black. With them being so dark, you are better off using a light colour for your text so that it provides sharp contrast. But you knew that.

If you click on any of the thumbnail images above, it will open the corresponding presentation in PowerPoint. You can amend it there and then for your own presentation, or you can save it to your computer for future use. And they’re all 100% FREE!

Stay tuned for more seductive PowerPoint backgrounds.

Abstract PowerPoint Backgrounds

Abstract Green Background

Abstract Blue Background

Abstract Orange Background

Abstract Red Background

Here are four abstract PowerPoint backgrounds to get you started on the abstract track. You can open each template up in PowerPoint by clicking on the images above. Once opened, you can save it to your computer and amend it to your needs. Alternatively, right click on an image and select “save link as”, or “save target as” (depending on what browser you are using). If you add new slides to your presentation they will use the same background, too.

These backgrounds are characterised by sharp, straight lines that thrust the contrast of colours into the faces of your audience! We also have other abstract backgrounds in the pipeline, that use gentle swirls and curves and that use colour transitions that aren’t so… jarring, shall we say! So stay tuned for those. We should be able to get those out to you some time this week.