Free Jack O’ Lantern Templates

Download This Jack O Lantern Template

What do you call them – Jack O’ Lanterns or just plain old pumpkin heads? Whatever you call them, we’ve got a spooky Jack O’ Lantern template here for you to download for free. It’s just one template that includes four different Jack O’ Lanterns appearing in a sinister manner, each on a slide of its own.

pumpkin-head-04Jack O Lantern 1

If looking at those ugly pumpkin heads doesn’t put you off your breakfast, I don’t know what will.

They’re animated too, so each Jack O’ Lantern floats in with a text box attached, in which you can put your bullet points. Because there are four slides, each with a different pumpkin head appearing, you can actually save out four different Jack O’ Lantern templates, each one showing just one pumpkin head. Then you would have four different templates. Does that make sense? What I would do is download this template and then save three further copies of it so you have four in total. Open each one in PowerPoint and delete three of the pumpkin head slides so you have only one pumpkin head left. Do the same in the remaining three templates, so each template shows a different pumpkin head.

But, it’s up to you what you do with them. We credit you with sufficient chutzpah to be more creative than us!

Download the free Jack O’ Lantern Template.