Free Jack O’ Lantern Templates

Download This Jack O Lantern Template

What do you call them – Jack O’ Lanterns or just plain old pumpkin heads? Whatever you call them, we’ve got a spooky Jack O’ Lantern template here for you to download for free. It’s just one template that includes four different Jack O’ Lanterns appearing in a sinister manner, each on a slide of its own.

pumpkin-head-04Jack O Lantern 1

If looking at those ugly pumpkin heads doesn’t put you off your breakfast, I don’t know what will.

They’re animated too, so each Jack O’ Lantern floats in with a text box attached, in which you can put your bullet points. Because there are four slides, each with a different pumpkin head appearing, you can actually save out four different Jack O’ Lantern templates, each one showing just one pumpkin head. Then you would have four different templates. Does that make sense? What I would do is download this template and then save three further copies of it so you have four in total. Open each one in PowerPoint and delete three of the pumpkin head slides so you have only one pumpkin head left. Do the same in the remaining three templates, so each template shows a different pumpkin head.

But, it’s up to you what you do with them. We credit you with sufficient chutzpah to be more creative than us!

Download the free Jack O’ Lantern Template.

Halloween PowerPoint Backgrounds – Free

Halloween PowerPoint Template

All those teachers who are faint of heart or of a weak disposition – turn away now! Or at least don’t download this free Halloween PowerPoint background. The image above doesn’t really do justice to the template you can download. On the downloadable template, there is a title slide and also a content slide, both of differing spooky designs – replete with text boxes (unlike the image above, duh!).

Click on the image to open up this scary Halloween background in PowerPoint, press ctrl+s to save it to your computer and then add your own content so you can use it in your own presentations. We’ve quite generously saved all the fonts we used with the template, so you don’t have to seek out and download them yourself. This leads to a bigger file size, but less work for you. Your audience never knows how big the file sizes are, so what the hell?

If you like this background, you’ll probably enjoy this pumpkin headed Halloween template and this bat infested Halloween background, too. You can download them all free, and use them in your own presentations.

Halloween PPT Templates – Free Download

Halloween PPT Templates - Free Download

We got such a good response to our Halloween PowerPoint template, that we put our designers on overtime to get another one created and published. Of course, they’re having nightmares now, but we think it’s worth it. Glowing pumpkin heads, a dark and sinister background, shrieking cats and a spooky font – this new Halloween background has got it all! Just don’t view it immediately before going to bed!

You can right click on the image above to save it directly to your computer, or simply left click on it to open it up in PowerPoint itself. Then amend it and save it to your computer, so you don’t lose your changes. Don’t worry about the spooky font we used; we embedded it into the template so that you can use it whether you have that font installed on your PC or not. The consequence of embedding fonts is that the file size of the template is huge, but that shouldn’t matter too much (it’s still under 3MB). At least you get to add or change text without having to hnt round, download and install the font. It’s all done for you.

Halloween PowerPoint Templates – Free Download

Halloween PowerPoint Background - Free Download

Boy have we got a humdinger of a collection of Halloween PowerPoint templates to give away for free. That’s right, scare your audience witless with these spooky backgrounds. It doesn’t just stop there, either, as we intend to publish a few more Halloween backgrounds in the run up to Halloween, so stay tuned for those.

So, one background to download – for free – today, and more to come!

Because we used a scary looking font (Cartographer) in the template, and you probably won’t have it on your computer, we embedded the font in PowerPoint. This means that you won’t have to install the font on your computer yourself. We did all the hard work for you.  The down side is that the file size for this PowerPoint template is huge – a whopping 2.2 MB! That in itself probably won’t be a problem, but should you want to cut down file sizes, use the link given previously to download and install the Cartographer font and then go ahead and save the template without the fonts embedded. That should reduce the file size by about, oh, 1.5 MB.

Personally, I’d keep the presentation as it is, but it’s up to you.

Halloween PowerPoint Templates – Free Download