Cubes PowerPoint Templates

Cubes PowerPoint Template 1

Cubes PowerPoint Template 2

Cubes PowerPoint Template 3

Cubes PowerPoint Template 4

Cubes PowerPoint Template 5

Cubes PowerPoint Template 6

Cubes PowerPoint Template 7

Cubes PowerPoint Template 8

Cubes PowerPoint Template 9

Cubes PowerPoint Template 10

Cubes PowerPoint Template 11

Cubes PowerPoint Template 12

Cubes PowerPoint Template 13

Honestly, if you want a job doing well, you may as well do it yourself. I asked my designers to make 12 Cubes PowerPoint Templates, and they went and made 13. Obviously they didn’t realise what a superstitious lot you are and that the thirteenth template probably wouldn’t get downloaded at all. But hey, it’s your loss. And my designers’ too, as I docked them 13 month’s pay for their flagrant disregard of my instructions.

But aren’t these cubes yummy? We like to think of them as alien dice.

If you click on an image above, it will open a PowerPoint presentation with a bigger version of that image as a background. You can then save the PowerPoint to your computer and use it in your future presentations.

Dice PowerPoint Backgrounds

Dice 01

Dice 02

Dice 03

Dice 04

Dice 05

Dice 06

Dice 07

Dice 08

Dice 09

Dice 11

Dice 12

Dice 13

Dice 14

Dice 15

Dice 16

If you like gambling, you’ll love these photo-realistic Dice PowerPoint Backgrounds. In fact, you’ll love them even if you loathe gambling. They’re that good.

All our designers have OCDs and when we give them a project such as “create PowerPoint backgrounds with dice in them”, they tend to explore all the angles, experiment with colours, dabble with depths of field and even widen camera angles to a crazy degree.

Some backgrounds are pretty minimal and comprise large areas of white space; ideal if you want a clean, minimal presentation design, or you just like black type on a white background. Others have darker backgrounds that may warrant lighter coloured fonts. It’s your call. And it’s probably best if you experiment with your font colours, anyway. Don’t be put off by the fact that some of the images above appear cut off, as they are cut off! When you open them in PowerPoint, you’ll see the background in its entirety.

We’ve got blue dice, red dice, green dice, purple dice, dice with motion blur, dice with depth of field etc. Open the backgrounds up in PowerPoint by clicking on their image, save them to your computer and modify them to fit the needs of your presentations. They’re all free to download.