Dice PowerPoint Backgrounds

Dice 01

Dice 02

Dice 03

Dice 04

Dice 05

Dice 06

Dice 07

Dice 08

Dice 09

Dice 11

Dice 12

Dice 13

Dice 14

Dice 15

Dice 16

If you like gambling, you’ll love these photo-realistic Dice PowerPoint Backgrounds. In fact, you’ll love them even if you loathe gambling. They’re that good.

All our designers have OCDs and when we give them a project such as “create PowerPoint backgrounds with dice in them”, they tend to explore all the angles, experiment with colours, dabble with depths of field and even widen camera angles to a crazy degree.

Some backgrounds are pretty minimal and comprise large areas of white space; ideal if you want a clean, minimal presentation design, or you just like black type on a white background. Others have darker backgrounds that may warrant lighter coloured fonts. It’s your call. And it’s probably best if you experiment with your font colours, anyway. Don’t be put off by the fact that some of the images above appear cut off, as they are cut off! When you open them in PowerPoint, you’ll see the background in its entirety.

We’ve got blue dice, red dice, green dice, purple dice, dice with motion blur, dice with depth of field etc. Open the backgrounds up in PowerPoint by clicking on their image, save them to your computer and modify them to fit the needs of your presentations. They’re all free to download.

Shiny Chains PowerPoint Backgrounds

Shiny Chains PowerPoint Background  1

Shiny Chains PowerPoint Background  2

Shiny Chains PowerPoint Background  3

Shiny Chains PowerPoint Background  4

Shiny Chains PowerPoint Background  5

Shiny Chains PowerPoint Background  6

Oh boy, if you like shiny reflections, you’re going to love these shiny chains PowerPoint backgrounds! The word “shiny” doesn’t quite do justice to the reflective nature of these chains. The second and third background (in the blue category) look the same, but they are subtly different – can you tell why? There is some depth of field present on the second blue background. This means that some areas of the image are in sharp focus, whereas other areas are a little blurry. Just like in the real world.

As always, you can download these PowerPoint backgrounds FREE Of CHARGE! Simply click on an image above and the background will open up in PowerPoint, where you can amend the presentation how you see fit. Don’t forget to save it to your computer, or you’ll lose all your changes.

We never give our talented designers a break (poor them), so expect the next batch of free PowerPoint backgrounds very soon.

Blended Lines Backgrounds For PowerPoint

Blended Lines PowerPoint Background 1

Blended Lines PowerPoint Background 2

Blended Lines PowerPoint Background 3

Blended Lines PowerPoint Background 4

Blended Lines PowerPoint Background 5

Blended Lines PowerPoint Background 6

We’ve got some absolutely beautiful PowerPoint backgrounds for you in this post. Dark backgrounds with seducing colours in the foreground. Straight lines that fashion sensuous curves – that kind of thing. It’s amazing how you can give the illusion of “curves” with just a bunch of straight lines.

Some of the dark backgrounds are actually gradients, whereas others are solid black. With them being so dark, you are better off using a light colour for your text so that it provides sharp contrast. But you knew that.

If you click on any of the thumbnail images above, it will open the corresponding presentation in PowerPoint. You can amend it there and then for your own presentation, or you can save it to your computer for future use. And they’re all 100% FREE!

Stay tuned for more seductive PowerPoint backgrounds.

Free Abstract PowerPoint Backgrounds

Abstract a

Abstract b

Abstract d

Abstract e

Abstract f

Abstract g

Abstract h

As we promised in our previous abstract background post, here are some backgrounds that have gentle swirls and curves and that use gradual colour transitions. These are much more organic in shape, and just a little dark and brooding. Open them up in PowerPoint by clicking on their images and then save them to your computer. You can use them as templates on which to base your new presentations – which you can deliver with pizazz!

There are 7 backgrounds – freely downloadable – which should keep you going until our next backgrounds are out.

Free Bokeh Backgrounds For PowerPoint

In photography, bokeh refers to the concept of the blur that affects the out of focus areas of a photograph. This blurred, out of focus area contrasts with the sharp, in focus subject of the photo. You can introduce your own bokeh effect to your presentations with these PowerPoint backgrounds.

To open a background up in PowerPoint, just click on its image. You can then update your presentation how you see fit and save it to your computer for when you’re ready to deliver it to an unsuspecting audience!

All the backgrounds measure 1500px wide by 1200px high, and that allows for a high level of detail. Many PowerPoint backgrounds are a measly 800px by 600px, which means that you have to stretch them to fit your background, thus degrading the image. Not so with these backgrounds – they’re big enough already.

Abstract PowerPoint Backgrounds

Abstract Green Background

Abstract Blue Background

Abstract Orange Background

Abstract Red Background

Here are four abstract PowerPoint backgrounds to get you started on the abstract track. You can open each template up in PowerPoint by clicking on the images above. Once opened, you can save it to your computer and amend it to your needs. Alternatively, right click on an image and select “save link as”, or “save target as” (depending on what browser you are using). If you add new slides to your presentation they will use the same background, too.

These backgrounds are characterised by sharp, straight lines that thrust the contrast of colours into the faces of your audience! We also have other abstract backgrounds in the pipeline, that use gentle swirls and curves and that use colour transitions that aren’t so… jarring, shall we say! So stay tuned for those. We should be able to get those out to you some time this week.