Metal Washers PowerPoint Backgrounds

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 1

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 2

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 3

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 4

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 5

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 6

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 7

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 8

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 9

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 10

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 11

Metal Washers PowerPoint Background 12

Somebody somewhere has a meccano model that’s about to fall to pieces, judging by the evidence above. Oooh, ain’t they shiny? And what a beautiful contrast there is in each image. These metal washer backgrounds are sure to seduce.

Click on an image to open up that background in PowerPoint and then save it to your computer by pressing ctrl + s. From there you can amend the background to use in your next PowerPoint presentation. The only thing we ask is that you don’t sell them and you don’t republish them on another website.

You can download them all if you like.

Free PowerPoint Templates Backgrounds

You seem to be loving our free PowerPoint templates backgrounds so much we thought we’d compile a list of our most popular ones right here. So check out he following PowerPoint Backgrounds. In case you’re wondering, they are all compatible with PowerPoint 2013. Click on an image and it will open the corresponding background in PowerPoint (whatever version you have), From there you should probablysave it immediately to your hard drive and then start amending it.  But please note: these templates are not for resale, and they are not for publication on other sites. They are only for your own personal use. With that said, here they are.

Tiled Floor PowerPoint Background 6

Jigsaw Puzzle PowerPoint Background 13

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 11

3D Rings PowerPoint Background 8

Perforated PowerPoint Background 11

Geometric Abstract PowerPoint Background 8

Dominoes PowerPoint Background 10

Building Blocks PowerPoint Background 12

Ice Cube PowerPoint Background 2

Cogs PowerPoint Background 2

Maze PowerPoint Background 10

Lego PowerPoint Background 6

The above is quite a large selection of premium PowerPoint backgrounds – all free. Don’t be fooled; just because they are free doesn’t mean they aren’t high quality, stunning and stylish. Do you know of another site that provides so many free PowerPoint templates backgrounds? We don’t! But we would say that, because we are proud of what we do. And we know that you would have to pay (probably a larger premium) to get PowerPoint backgrounds of comparable quality anywhere else.

PowerPoint Backgrounds With 3D Rings

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 1

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 2

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 3

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 4

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 5

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 6

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 7

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 8

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 9

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 10

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 11

Blue Rings PowerPoint Background 12

If you like the colour blue and you like rings, it must be your birthday and Christmas all rolled into one day today. And if you like PowerPoint backgrounds then throw in Easter Sunday too. Put them all together and what have you got? Blue 3D rings PowerPoint backgrounds.

Our designers have already created some PowerPoint backgrounds with 3D rings on them, but you know what they are like. A perseverative dog with a bone.

There are 12 gorgeous 3D ring backgrounds to download for free here, so take your pick (or take all of them). You are free to use them in your own presentations but you can’t sell them or republish them on another website.

Click on an image you like and it will open that background, already formatted for you, in PowerPoint. Use ctrl + s to save it to your computer, and Bob’s your auntie’s live in lover. You can then amend the template (for that is what it is) to your heart’s content.

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Famous People Jigsaw Puzzle Backgrounds


Yes! It’s another selection of jigsaw related PowerPoint backgrounds. You might not have noticed that our designers are a tad perseverative. They hide it well. But they are. They are. They are. etc.

Anyway, we have a real rogue’s gallery of famous people jigsaw puzzles here. You could use them as a “guess who this is” quiz. One idea is to copy and paste all the jigsaw images into one master PowerPoint presentation and use that to test your audience. But we didn’t know for sure whether you’d want that, s we’ve left them as individual templates. Be our guest and do with them what you will (short of selling them and republishing on another site, of course).

Click on a famous person to open up that template in PowerPoint and then press ctrl + s to save it to your computer. Rinse and repeat on all the other backgrounds you like.

A Special Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Background













I know what you’re thinking. That’s one easy jigsaw puzzle. But let’s get beyond the practical. What do these images say? They say that you are one in a million. You stand out from the crowd. You are not afraid of flaunting your own special uniqueness.

You are your own special creation.


Each special image above is a link that leads off to a PowerPoint template that uses that background; click on it and it will actually open up in PowerPoint. You can then save it to your computer for future use. Or you can right click on the image and choose “save as” to save it to your hard drive. Don’t be shy – download them all!

You can’t republish them on any other site, or sell them. That’s the only thing. But you can amend them and use them in your own special presentations to other special individuals.

Stay tuned for more jigsaw related backgrounds. We know you love ’em. Our designers certainly do.

Tiled Floor PowerPoint Backgrounds

Tiled Floor PowerPoint Background 1

Tiled Floor PowerPoint Background 2

Tiled Floor PowerPoint Background 3

Tiled Floor PowerPoint Background 4

Tiled Floor PowerPoint Background 5

Tiled Floor PowerPoint Background 6

Whoah – check out these ultra realistic 3d PowerPoint backgrounds! They look good enough to eat. If you are a ravenous robot or something, that is. What a splendid mix of colour, shininess and reflections. Our designers really got their creative hats on to produce this latest batch of backgrounds.

In fact, we liked them so much that we used one for our PowerPoint Backgrounds Facebook page.

Do you recognise the background in the images? Thought you might; it’s your road! And you can look forward to upcoming backgrounds that feature your kitchen, attic and bathroom.

We’ve only published 6 backgrounds, when we usually publish 12, but we think that these are precisely twice as good as the norm.

Find one you like and then open it up in PowerPoint by clicking on the image. Save it to your computer by clicking ctrl + s and from there you can make your changes and ensure that they are saved. Hey presto, you are ready to engage your audience in your next PowerPoint presentation.

Jigsaw Puzzle PowerPoint Backgrounds

Jigsaw Puzzle PowerPoint Background 1

Jigsaw Puzzle PowerPoint Background 2

Jigsaw Puzzle PowerPoint Background 3

Jigsaw Puzzle PowerPoint Background 4

Jigsaw Puzzle PowerPoint Background 5

Jigsaw Puzzle PowerPoint Background 6

Jigsaw Puzzle PowerPoint Background 7

Jigsaw Puzzle PowerPoint Background 8

Jigsaw Puzzle PowerPoint Background 9

Jigsaw Puzzle PowerPoint Background 10

Jigsaw Puzzle PowerPoint Background 11

Jigsaw Puzzle PowerPoint Background 12

Jigsaw Puzzle PowerPoint Background 13

Boy, we loved making these jigsaw PowerPoint backgrounds and we love even more the way they turned out. They’re so… shiny! Admittedly, this would not be a very challenging jigsaw puzzle, but, hey, it looks good.

As you can see, we were aiming for a contrast between the levitating jigsaw puzzle piece and the other pieces. Our favourite ones are the orange ones. I don’t know whether you noticed, but some, maybe half of them have got a little glow about them. I think glows are OK in moderation, but they can be overdone.

If, for some weird reason, you could only download one PowerPoint background (for example, If there is a vengeful and omniscient God who caught you eating your brother’s share of cookies as well as your own, s/he might like to punish you by limiting the number of downloads you may take), we recommend you download the very last one. It’s shiny, it’s got orange in it, it’s reflective, and it’s got a shed load of “depth of field” on it. You can’t go wrong with that one. But this is assuming that your vengeful God doesn’t force you to download one of the “lesser” backgrounds, if s/he equates that deluxe last background with three of the less inspiring ones. Maybe you could negotiate some kind of credit.

Where were we? Oh yes, right click on an image above and select the option to save the destination (the PowerPoint template) to your computer. Once downloaded, you can then open it up in PowerPoint and make your amendments.

Robot Eyeball PowerPoint Backgrounds

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 1

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 2

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 3

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 4

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 5

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 6

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 7

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 8

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 9

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 10

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 11

Robot Eyeballs PowerPoint Background 12

If ever there was a bunch of multi coloured robot eyeballs lying peacefully on your desk, it would look like this. Where is the rest of the robots you might ask? And is there a motley crew of myopic robots lurching around the place and menacing the innocent public? Yes, all good questions.

These PowerPoint backgrounds might be good for presentations on streamlining processes at the robot factory. Of course, you will want to make sure that there are no robots in your audience who might feel squeamish at the sight of their mutilated brethren. Just saying.

Anyway, click on an image to open up a template in PowerPoint. They’re so seductively shiny and colourful, you’ll no doubt want more than one. Help yourself! With a deft ctrl +s you can have the background saved to your computer in no time. From there you can add your own content and deliver striking robotic presentations in the very near future.

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 1

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 2

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 3

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 4

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 5

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 6

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 7

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 8

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 9

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 10

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 11

Shiny Things PowerPoint Backgrounds 12

We know you like shiny. We know you like colourful. We know you like colourful shiny… errr… things. Once again our illustrious (and oft misunderstood) designers have excelled themselves in the “what the hell is that?” stakes. Whatever these PowerPoint backgrounds depict, they look nice, don’t they?

And they’ll look splendid in your own presentations, so hurry up and click on an image to open a template up in PowerPoint. The best thing to do is save it to your computer by pressing ctrl + s and then start adding your own content. Don’t forget, save the template first before you make your changes, and then you’ll be assured that no changes will be lost.

Don’t forget kids, you can’t publish these backgrounds on other websites and you can’t redistribute them. You are only allowed to use them in your own presentations.

Mirrorball PowerPoint Backgrounds

Mirrorball PowerPoint Backgrounds 1

mirrorball-03 (2)

Mirrorball PowerPoint Backgrounds 3

Mirrorball PowerPoint Backgrounds 4

Mirrorball PowerPoint Backgrounds 5

Mirror, mirror on the ceiling,
Why are discos so appealing?

I don’t know, but if you find discos appealing, you’re going to love these mirrorball PowerPoint backgrounds!

Our team of hapless designers loved this project, because it required them to visit their local nightclub. As psycho trance is their favourite music genre at the moment, they relished their task. They even got a few top notch shots of mirrorballs before passing out, so it was a win win mission.

If you click on an image above, PowerPoint will open a template displaying that image as a background. We recommend that you save the template to your hard drive straight away, so that you don’t lose any changes you make. You can then amend it in preparation for all those presentations you’ve got lined up.