2012 Olympics PowerPoint Backgrounds

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 1

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 2

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 3

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 4

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 5

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 6

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 7

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 8

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 9

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 10

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 11

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 12




Whaddya mean the London 2012 Olympics is only a blink away and you have no 2012 Olympics PowerPoint backgrounds?! It’s a good job we stopped by with this shed load of Olympic rings backgrounds for you, then. Hurry up and download them so you can impress your athletic presentation attendees.

Our esteemed designers really are something special. Half way through their design work, one bright spark had the inspirational idea of including the Union Jack as a background to the Olympic rings. A brainwave or what? So, half of these PowerPoint background are on a plain white background and the other half have the British flag in the background. Use whichever ones you feel will have the greatest impact on your discerning audience.

Click on the images you like to open up the templates in PowerPoint, and then save them to your PC. Alternatively, just right click and select Save As to save them directly to your computer. Then have a look around: browse our huge – and growing – collection of PowerPoint backgrounds.

The same bright spark who thought of using the Union Jack in our backgrounds has just suggested that you might like to download the images “as is”; that is, without being already embedded in a PowerPoint presentation. I suggested that he might like to boil his head, but what the hell – maybe he’s right. So… download the Olympic Rings backgound images. They’re all zipped up (12 of them) so you should right click on the link, save the zipped file to your PC, and then use a tool like 7-zip to extract them. The file is around 5MB, so it may take a little time to download, depending on how fast your internet connection is.

PowerPoint Backgrounds Of 3D Rings

Red Rings PowerPoint BackgroundPink Rings PowerPoint BackgroundOrange Rings PowerPoint BackgroundLight Blue Rings PowerPoint BackgroundGreen Rings PowerPoint BackgroundBlue Rings PowerPoint BackgroundBlack Rings PowerPoint Background

With these snazzy new PowerPoint backgrounds, our designers symbolise “sequential progression in a cyclical process”. Cerebral, or what? To see this better, click on a background to open it up in PowerPoint, press F5 to actually start the presentation (or click Slide Show > From Beginning) and press enter to advance to the next slide. You can see that the ring segment that is coloured progresses around the ring. Sort of like a sequential progression. In a cyclical process.

Well, it made sense when our designers told me!

We have a variety of yummy colours for you to choose from. Click on a background to open up its template in PowerPoint and then add your content to it, ready for the awe inspiring presentation you have to deliver tomorrow. What, you didn’t get the memo??

You can save the template to your computer for future use.

New Batch Of PowerPoint Backgrounds

PowerPoint Background 1

PowerPoint Background 2

PowerPoint Background 3

PowerPoint Background 4

PowerPoint Background 5

Check out our new batch of five free PowerPoint backgrounds. “Five?”, I hear you say. I know. You’re used to us publishing batches of 10 or more backgrounds for you to download for free, and all our designers can muster is a measly collection of five. But don’t worry, they have all been grounded, with limited access to the communal Wii. Hopefully they’ll learn their lesson and make up for their slacking with a monumental selection of PowerPoint backgrounds next time.

Otherwise it’s the pliers.

As usual, open up each PowerPoint template by clicking on its image above. You can then save it to your PC and amend it to fit the needs of your presentations. And, of course, they’re all FREE!

More Free PowerPoint Backgrounds

Yellow PowerPoint Background

Orange PowerPoint Background

fuschia PowerPoint Background

Red PowerPoint Background

Blue PowerPoint Background

Green PowerPoint Background

Our new PowerPoint backgrounds look good enough to eat! And we have a fine selection of flavours: yellow, orange, fuschia, red blue and green. All backgrounds are light enough to use standard black fonts and have your text still legible.

Click on the image you like (or all of them) to open it in PowerPoint. You can then amend the presentation, save it to your computer and then use it again to charm your audience.

Discs PowerPoint Backgrounds – Free

Discs PowerPoint Background 1

Discs PowerPoint Background 2

Discs PowerPoint Background 3

Discs PowerPoint Background 4

Discs PowerPoint Background 5

Discs PowerPoint Background 6

Discs PowerPoint Background 7

Discs PowerPoint Background 8

Discs PowerPoint Background 9

Discs PowerPoint Background 10

Discs PowerPoint Background 11

Discs PowerPoint Background 12

Discs PowerPoint Background 13

Discs PowerPoint Background 14

Discs PowerPoint Background 15

We called these Discs PowerPoint Backgrounds, because we couldn’t decide whether they looked like smarties or not. In the end, we chose discs, but you call them what you want. The important thing to remember is that they are FREE PowerPoint backgrounds!

For those astute PowerPoint users out there, you’ll notice that some of the backgrounds have what’s called depth of field (DOF); where the “subject” is in focus and the background becomes more and more blurred the further away it is.

We digress! Open up the backgrounds in PowerPoint by clicking on each of the images above. You can then save them to your computer and amend them to fit your needs. Some of the backgrounds are a little dark, and may need a lighter coloured font, but we have every faith in your colour scheming abilities. Trial and error is the key. There are one or two backgrounds that are much lighter and you could probably get away with using a black font for your text on those.