Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Backgrounds

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 1

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 2

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 3

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 4

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 5

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 6

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 7

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 8

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 9

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 10

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 11

Shiny Shapes PowerPoint Background 12

You probably appreciate by now how strongly our designers are drawn to shiny objects. It should come as no surprise, then, to see this new batch of shiny shapes PowerPoint backgrounds. What’s better than shiny cubes? That’s right: shiny cubes and shiny balls.

Oooh, matron.

You’d have to go a long way to find backgrounds that were more shiny and reflective. I suppose these backgrounds are a little on the abstract side. Or perhaps even a little on the “broken Newton’s Cradle” side.


Left click on the backgrounds you like to open up a PowerPoint background, and quickly save it to your computer. We don’t want all your hard work, in the form of template changes, being lost in the case of a power cut or a computer crash. Anend these backgrounds how you see fit and then use them in your own presentations. You’ll have your audience cooing over the extreme shininess, make no mistake.

We had you in mind when we made the title slide the full picture and the content slides just a partial picture. The cropped picture appears at the left hand side of your content slides to allow more space for your content. How thoughtful.

Or how responsive to criticism, depending on how you want to look at it.

Cogs PowerPoint Backgrounds

Cogs PowerPoint Background 1Cogs PowerPoint Background 2Cogs PowerPoint Background 3Cogs PowerPoint Background 4Cogs PowerPoint Background 5Cogs PowerPoint Background 6Cogs PowerPoint Background 7Cogs PowerPoint Background 8Cogs PowerPoint Background 9Cogs PowerPoint Background 10Cogs PowerPoint Background 11Cogs PowerPoint Background 12[subscribe2]

These cogs are so smooth and shiny, you’ll want to squeeze them out of your PowerPoint presentations into your pocket so you can jangle them like loose change! We’ve got different colours, different angles and perspectives and different positioning. All are high quality photos. We had to get our smallest designer to use his tiniest camera to get down real close to these cogs; that’s why they appear so big. They’re not; he’s just very close to them.

Feel free to download our Cogs PowerPoint backgrounds by opening them up in your own presentation: just click on any (or probably all) of the images above. A presentation will open with your chosen cogs as backgrounds, and from there you can save it to your computer and add your own finishing touches.

We’ve even made a lighter coloured overlay on some of the backgrounds that need one, so that you can make your text more readable.


Maze PowerPoint Backgrounds

Maze PowerPoint Background 1

Maze PowerPoint Background 2

Maze PowerPoint Background 4

Maze PowerPoint Background 5

Maze PowerPoint Background 6

Maze PowerPoint Background 7

Maze PowerPoint Background 8

Maze PowerPoint Background 9

Maze PowerPoint Background 10

Maze PowerPoint Background 11

Maze PowerPoint Background 12

Maze PowerPoint Background 13

Maze PowerPoint Background 14

We’ve got some a-maze-ing backgrounds in this edition of Free PowerPoint Backgrounds! All angles are covered, different delicious colours are used and huge resolutions are employed to tempt you. Huge resolutions mean that there is less image degradation when you have to resize a background to fit the slide, so these backgrounds are of a very high quality indeed.

These maze PowerPoint backgrounds symbolise how lost our designers are, both emotionally and in their dead end careers working for me. Ho hum. But they do look good, though, don’t they?

Help our designers feel a little less lost by clicking on their offerings and downloading them to your PC. You can then amend these templates to deliver your own presentations. When you click on an image, a template with that background will open in PowerPoint for your amending pleasure.

Paperclips PowerPoint Backgrounds

Paperclips PowerPoint Background 1

Paperclips PowerPoint Background 2

Paperclips PowerPoint Background 3

Paperclips PowerPoint Background 4

Paperclips PowerPoint Background 5

Paperclips PowerPoint Background 6

Paperclips PowerPoint Background 7

Paperclips PowerPoint Background 8

Paperclips PowerPoint Background 9

Paperclips PowerPoint Background 10

Paperclips PowerPoint Background 11

Paperclips PowerPoint Background 12

Paperclips PowerPoint Background 13

Paperclips PowerPoint Background 14

Paperclips PowerPoint Background 15

When our obsessive designers get fixated on something, it’s hard to distract them away from it and encourage them to re-engage with society and the “real world”. One benefit of their recent fixation on paperclips, though, is that we get to download a large selection of paperclips PowerPoint backgrounds. As usual, the valued (er… sectioned) members of our team have shot the paperclips from every conceivable angle (and some inconceivable ones, too) to really bring the flavour out. Unfortunately, there were tears shed when we confiscated their toys and sent them to bed.

Like minded people who are obssessive about their stationery will be over the moon when they download these high quality PowerPoint backgrounds. And let me tell you, it took our creatives a lot of time and effort building these human sized paperclips! You won’t believe how heavy they are. Amos got trapped beneath one yesterday, like a mouse in a trap… but that’s another tale of woe.

Click on one of the images above to open up the background in PowerPoint, and then save it to your computer straight away. That way you know that any changes you make will be on your own copy of these beautiful backgrounds. You can then amend them how you want, for use in your own presentations only! You can download them all if you like.

Chess PowerPoint Backgrounds

Chess PowerPoint Background 1

Chess PowerPoint Background 2

Chess PowerPoint Background 3

Chess PowerPoint Background 4

Chess PowerPoint Background 5

Chess PowerPoint Background 6

Chess PowerPoint Background 7

Chess PowerPoint Background 8

Chess PowerPoint Background 9

Chess PowerPoint Background 10

Chess PowerPoint Background 11

Chess PowerPoint Background 12

It has been rumoured (not by me) that our designers are a cerebral lot, and it’s well known that  chess is a game played by intellectuals. You might make the intellectual leap/assumption that our designers are all brainy because they have created a plethora of chess PowerPoint backgrounds.

Don’t be fooled.

They are attention seekers, they know that you play chess, and so they created a selection of beautiful chess backgrounds. That’s all there is to it.

And, of course, they do have obvious talent when it comes to creating stunning PowerPoint backgrounds. If Garry Kasparov had said these words, we would have been over the moon: there are no better backgrounds than those published by Garry didn’t actually say that, but we wish he had. That would have been fantastic.

But here we are with 12 luxury PowerPoint backgrounds to download – how do we do that?  You know the drill when it comes to downloading our backgrounds: click on an image you like and it will open up the presentation/template in PowerPoint – then save it to your PC. From there you can add your own text and amend the template how you like. It’s up to you.

Have fun!

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 1

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 2

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 3

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 4

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 5

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 6

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 7

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 8

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 9

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 10

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 11

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 12

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 13

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 14

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Background 15

It seems that you can’t get enough of our PowerPoint backgrounds for the Olympics, so here is our new collection: Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds. Unlike these backgrounds, the current set of Olympic rings are a little more chunky, a little less rounded (a bit like the designers who created them!). They’ve got it all (the backgrounds, not the designers): reflections, depth of field, bright colours – and a big clock.

On some of the images, we’ve thoughtfully placed the rings right at the top so you have more space for the content on your PowerPoint slides. We’re really looking after you. The ones with the images at the top work really well as the olympic rings act like a header on those.

Did you know that Big Ben chimed non-stop for three minutes when the London 2012 Olympics officially started? Well, that’s why we’ve got the famous clock on some of the backgrounds.

You can download these backgrounds by right clicking on each thumbnail image and selecting “save as” to save them to your PC. From there, you can amend them for your own presentations. Or you can just left click on them to open them up immediately in PowerPoint (don’t forget to save them to your computer, though).

Our images are large, so there’ll be no degradation of quality as they stretch to fit the PowerPoint background.


Lego PowerPoint Backgrounds

Lego PowerPoint Background 1

Lego PowerPoint Background 2

Lego PowerPoint Background 3

Lego PowerPoint Background 4

Lego PowerPoint Background 5

Lego PowerPoint Background 6

Lego PowerPoint Background 7

Lego PowerPoint Background 8

Lego PowerPoint Background 9

Lego PowerPoint Background 10

Lego PowerPoint Background 11

Lego PowerPoint Background 12

Get a load of all these Lego PowerPoint Backgrounds. There’s enough lego here to build a pyramid! And, with our designers being as thorough as they are, they’ve shot the lego pile from all angles. They were in their collective element.

Get them while they’re hot: download these backgrounds by clicking on them to open them in PowerPoint, and then save them to your PC. Alternatively, right click on an image and select “Save Target As”, or whichever option allows your browser to save the target of the link. You can then amend them how you see fit, ready for your future presentations.

Question: have you ever seen an orange lego brick?

Challenge: ask someone at work “if they like lego”. Watch your personal space grow.

2012 Olympics PowerPoint Backgrounds

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 1

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 2

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 3

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 4

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 5

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 6

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 7

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 8

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 9

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 10

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 11

Olympic Rings PowerPoint Backgrounds 12




Whaddya mean the London 2012 Olympics is only a blink away and you have no 2012 Olympics PowerPoint backgrounds?! It’s a good job we stopped by with this shed load of Olympic rings backgrounds for you, then. Hurry up and download them so you can impress your athletic presentation attendees.

Our esteemed designers really are something special. Half way through their design work, one bright spark had the inspirational idea of including the Union Jack as a background to the Olympic rings. A brainwave or what? So, half of these PowerPoint background are on a plain white background and the other half have the British flag in the background. Use whichever ones you feel will have the greatest impact on your discerning audience.

Click on the images you like to open up the templates in PowerPoint, and then save them to your PC. Alternatively, just right click and select Save As to save them directly to your computer. Then have a look around: browse our huge – and growing – collection of PowerPoint backgrounds.

The same bright spark who thought of using the Union Jack in our backgrounds has just suggested that you might like to download the images “as is”; that is, without being already embedded in a PowerPoint presentation. I suggested that he might like to boil his head, but what the hell – maybe he’s right. So… download the Olympic Rings backgound images. They’re all zipped up (12 of them) so you should right click on the link, save the zipped file to your PC, and then use a tool like 7-zip to extract them. The file is around 5MB, so it may take a little time to download, depending on how fast your internet connection is.